CD's Legal Fight Continues 



They're still after your children and your family!

As you know, a Canadian judge sentenced a BC father to 6 months in prison and fined him $30,000!

We're calling him "C.D." as he's legally prevented from identifying himself or his child.

His crime?

He violated a court-imposed, gag order and spoke out against hormone shots being given to his 14-yr old minor child. Along with his ex-wife's permission, the courts approved the experimental, body-damaging treatment. But wait, there's more...

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Refusing to call his child, by untrue pronouns, a judge then accused C.D. of "family violence" and again issued warrants for his arrest!

With your help, CD was able to successfully got through his hearing in February, and there were some positive outcomes to that case. Because of your support CD now has a solid lawyer, and his bail was extended indefinitely, so he didn't have to turn himself in every few months and wait in a jail cell while his lawyer hammered out a bail extension. 

Watch this video where CD talks about his case but can't even show his face on threat of breaking his bail conditions ...

The big hearing at the BC Court of Appeal is at the end of May, where CD will formally appeal his 6 month jail sentence. He's served 2 months already, and the outcome of this trial will determine whether he will serve another 4 months (or less), or if he will walk out a free man.

This critical, precedent-setting case must be WON!

Etransfer - [email protected]
Password - Freedom
Memo - BC DAD

It's not just C.D.'s fight. Join the battle with your financial support for free speech and parental rights in Canada for ALL OF US!

God Bless and thanks in advance for your support,

Derek Sloan