UPDATED - OCT 28, 2022

Tom Marazzo - Emergency Act Inquiry, Ottawa


Tom is a Canadian Forces veteran, and was crucial in providing logistical leadership and military strategy to the Convoy, along with being a prime liaison with police.

You may have seen Tom heading up one of the many press conferences during the Convoy. He's been in Ottawa since the start of the Emergency Act Inquiry - carefully watching every word.

We've had basically all law enforcement agencies say they never asked for (or needed) the emergency act, we've had top Ontario Provincial Police intelligence say there was no evidence that the Trucker Convoy was a credible threat of extremist violence, and further that he was concerned that the media and politicians were making false allegations of extremism against convoy protesters. This inquiry is not going so well for Trudeau!

Check out our exciting interview with behind the scenes info about how the police are harassing Tamara Lich, and Tom's impression of the inquiry so far.

*** UPDATE *** We have now raised almost $3000.00 (Oct 27th, 2022)

A NOTE FROM TOM MARAZZO (Oct 28th, 2022)

Dear Friends,

I have been in Ottawa, attending the Public Order Emergency Commission (POEC) since Tuesday, 12 October. At the request of the legal team, representing the Freedom Convoy, I will be here until the last day, 25 November. I am also here with Tamara Lich, Chris Barber and Danny Bulford.

I can tell you that we have been providing very important and intimate details of what happened, during the Convoy, to our legal team. Our input has been significant and invaluable for the lawyers and must continue daily. Our attendance here is vital.

I have been humbled, to the core, knowing that many of you have donated money for my accommodations and meals. I am not a person who is accustomed to receiving such financial charitable support. If I didn’t believe my presence here was needed, I would simply not be here. However, it is unfortunately necessary because of the nature of the potential POEC outcomes. It may not seem obvious, but, this is going to have severe consequences for the current Liberal Government Regime. This is about the truth, and the truth is being exposed.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for you help. It’s been incredibly difficult to witness, but it’s a giant step forward towards getting this country back on track and keeping up the pressure on this Regime.

Again, I can’t thank everyone enough. If you can, please watch the POEC online. Thank you.

Tom Marazzo.

Please donate generously to cover Tom's expenses while in Ottawa. This inquiry could be the final nail in Trudeau's coffin - let's support our true Canadian Patriots during this exciting and intense time!