Canadian Health Professionals Treating COVID-19


Please help us support a group of healthcare practitioners who provided COVID-19 care and treatment for those in need all across the country. They provided access to medical protocols to treat COVID-19 – including using drugs like Ivermectin and nutraceuticals like Vitamin D.

Many people were looking for ways to treat COVID-19, either in a preventative way or to prevent hospitalization for those who already had COVID-19. These health professionals were able to help patients, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, who were sick with COVID-19. Anecdotally, many patients shared with them that they improved significantly on the protocols that were used (which included vitamins, and drugs like ivermectin).

Because of their work in treating COVID-19, these health professionals are all under investigation by their colleges.

Please help them cover the costs associated with expert evidence and legal defence during the duration of the investigations into their conduct. They wish to defend patient choice and medical autonomy.

They are real people with real hearts, whose careers and futures are now in question due to these investigations.

These devoted health care professionals are dedicated to excellence in patient care. Combined, they have over 200 years of experience, not limited to but including Hospital Care, Community, Primary Care, Education and Chronic Disease Management. They are all degree certified including Bachelor of Science and Master Prepared Professionals. They have always been and continue to be dedicated to offering a high level of non-bias, quality patient care. 

Please support them in their continuing fight, your generous donations will go directly to our legal defence group account for Canadian Health Professionals treating COVID-19.  

Thank you and God bless.